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Plan your visit to O.N.E. Community Center

All shows are general seating, open to the public, and free! We gratefully accept optional donations on the door to help fund programming.

Very Merry Theatre performs at O.N.E. Community Center, 20 Allen St, Burlington, VT unless we note otherwise.

Parking is limited on Allen Street. There is ample parking in the rear lot off the North Street entrance.

The theater is wheelchair accessible. Take the elevator left of the main entrance to the main stage area, second floor. Let a volunteer know how we may assist you with seating. An accessible restroom is opposite the elevator.

Patrons may wait in line inside the Community Center. The auditorium doors open 15 minutes before starting time.

We lock the main building entrance 30 minutes after the performance starts. If you arrive late and the doors are locked, text--do not call--the number posted on the door. Someone will be out to assist you.

A commitment to equal access

Very Merry Theatre is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

We are deeply committed to increasing equity in access to the arts for youth in under-served communities. VMT understands the powerful and lifelong impact of such opportunities.

All children may participate regardless of financial background. Our generous donors, sponsors, and grants allow us to provide scholarships to any child who is interested in being involved.

Performances are free and open to the public. We gratefully accept optional donations on the door to help continue programming.

An overview of programming

Very Merry offers theatre programs for all age groups, including students and home-schooled children. We also partner with schools in the Burlington area.

Here is a summary of our programming. Visit the Programs page for current offerings and enrolment.


Seasonal sessions are generally held at the O.N.E. Community Center in Burlington. Session times, dates, duration, and performance schedules vary by program. Productions include original plays, adapted classics, and full-scale performances.

School Programs

We work with seven Burlington area schools --and have capacity for more through Vermont Arts Council grants.

Students of all experience levels participate in acting, set design, makeup, and costumes. For ages 5-18.

Summer Camps

VMT offers over eight weeks of summer camps in Burlington, Charlotte, and Vergennes. Teen counsellors and adult directors provide day campers a unique and fun performing arts experience.

School Holiday Camps

We host camps throughout the year during holiday school breaks. It’s a fun way for children to get out of the house and create live theater.

Summer Wagon Tours

Summer locations include the O.N.E. Community Center and the Vergennes Opera House -- plus outdoor venues with the VMT Traveling Wagon Tours.

Waterways Stage

A collaborative effort to bring the joy of scientific discovery with the experience of performance. Learn more about Waterways Stage.

Saturday Drama Club

This weekly, morning drop-in club is a terrific opportunity to write, practice, and perform a completely original play.

Annual Adult Programs

January through the summer, look for adult community theatre productions at VMT.


Very Merry Theatre also collaborates with schools to host our actors and artists who practice and perform an original play in just two weeks!

Defying Gravity

A newly introduced program for adults who enjoy acting, singing, and dancing that concludes with a cabaret-style performance.

How you can participate

Join us for a free performance.

Enroll in an open session or camp.

Volunteer as front-of-house help.

Explore expanded programs for your school and email

Make a one-time or monthly donation to support our mission.

Artists and staff

Executive Director / Director / Writer
Donald Wright

Music Director / Composer / Keyboard
Ashley O'Brien

Bill Mullins
Jim Wolvington
Woody Koppel
Allan Nichols

Choreographers / Teaching Artists
Karen Amirault
KariAnn Assur
Samantha Paquette
Heidi Klauber
Nikki Boutin
Nataleigh Noble

Sets / Costumes / Stage Manager
Denise Viscomi

Art Director
Cyn Sullivan

Scott Richards

Russ Flanigan

Patrician Fitzgerald - Violin
Sean Beatty - Drums
Brad Ohlson - Bass
Andy Miskavage - Reeds
Daniel Gaviria - Guitar
Bill Mullins - Guitar
Mike Lawler-Tatlock - Trumpet
Dave Tatlock - Trombone
Jesse Metzler - Trombone

Chris Burns

Marketing / Registration Coordinator
Ben Portway

Vacation Camp Director
Mickey Pekar

Waterways Coordinator
Sarah Hewitt

Waterways Coordinator / Teaching Artist
Lauren Larken Scuderi

Joe Wehry

We employ many teen helpers.

Board of Directors

Board President
Colby Kervick

David Conner

Chris Burns

Board Members
Amy King
Emily Merrill
Katrina Roen
Bill Goldwyn
Amanda Waite
Greg Hancock
Kimberly Ward
Regina Farrell
John Boone
Mikey Van Gulden


From a Vermont School Director...

Thank you, Don. This has been such a fabulous experience for our group. They gained so much from it and there was so much fun and joy in it all. We are all still singing the songs. The kids feel so happy and so proud of what they did. Thank you, thank you!

From a parent...

I just want to thank you for another joyful summer of Very Merry Theatre Camp.

It’s hard to overstate how much our children love these programs - and how much they’ve grown as a direct result of them. You maintain such a thoughtful balance between taking the students and the art seriously while staying flexible, inclusive, and lighthearted about it all.

You’re doing something truly magical with these kids and I know I speak for other parents when I say that we are profoundly grateful.

From a school principal...

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you thank you thank you - the play was magical, and it filled my cup to see our kids SHINE! Thank you for all that you do to bring Very Merry Theatre to us at Flynn - younger kids and other 4th/5th graders were already asking how they can get involved in the next play. It was such a pleasure to see all your hard work play out in the magic of joy for our kids. - Flynn Elementary School principal, Nikki Ellis

From a teen participant...

One of the people who's had the biggest impact on my life: Don Wright. I was told by a teacher to write a letter about an influence in my life. I thought about the people I've crossed paths with and settled on Don. 

Don's taught me how to be kind, and opened my heart to new things. He taught me that kindness and patience is important. He gave me chances to get to know myself, and challenged me and pushed my boundaries. He's given me leadership opportunities and has supported me and so many other Kids. Don also taught me that when things get hard, not to give up. 

I wouldn't be the same person I am today without his influence in and on my life. I want to thank Don for the role he's played in so many lives. I hope that everyone has someone like Don in their lives. - Mairi / South Burlington High School

From a teen participant...

You know, when I do other theater companies, I'm learning about acting, but when I do Very Merry, I am learning about LIFE.

From a teacher...

I am an ardent supporter of working with VMT. Having witnessed/been a small part of about 9 productions, I think these plays are some of the very best activities that happen in our schools in Burlington. 

Don Wright is a veritable genius, and every child and school with the chance to work with him is really fortunate. I also believe that over time the benefits for a school increase significantly, as younger children observe and learn for several years before they take on the bigger 5th grade parts. Participation, especially for boys, really goes up as the play becomes a part of the tradition and fabric of the school. 

The play can become a real community builder, as parents get pulled in and apply all kinds of heretofore under-utilized (or at least not-yet-asked-for) talents and skills. Another of Don's great talents is recruiting parents into the production, in ways little and large, and keeping them involved for years (often beyond their own children's acting). 

The learning opportunities available for our kids are across nearly every academic area, and into subjects not always explored in our classes. Literature, speech, music, singing, different dance forms, acting, history and teamwork are only a few strands. 

I also really appreciate how the play gives extra opportunities to excel to two entirely different types of students; those who have had fewer chances to experience much academic success often really shine; and then those high achievers who are sometimes not challenged as much as they could be are really pushed and encouraged to do wondrous things. - Keith Brown, 5th Grade Teacher, Flynn Elementary School, Burlington, VT

very merry theatre traveling wagon stage against a barn backdrop with the sun rising in the background

At Very Merry Theatre...
"All Children Take Center Stage"

The community has always been at the heart of Very Merry Theatre. As early as the mid-1990s, VMT had the bright idea to hold summer theatre camps at our Charlotte barn.

We included outreach to area schools. First, at Edmunds Elementary, where Don Wright's sons attended. And over time, we've expanded to collaborate with ten elementary and middle schools in the Burlington area including Edmonds and Orchard Middle Schools. During the summer, our Traveling Theatre Wagon brings live, open-air shows to area Vermonters.

youth actors on stage performing as pirates against a boat background

Orchard Elementary performs Peter Pan!

actors performing in front of traveling wagon stage in the sunny open air next to library grounds

VMT Traveling Wagon Theatre performs "Annie, Jr" at Fletcher Free Library in Burlington.

four young teen actors painting set pieces for a show

School colaborations provide opportunities for students to learn all aspects of stagecraft.

In 2017, VMT moved from a small, black box space at 333 Riverside Drive to a much larger stage at O.N.E. Community Center. 

In 2022 we celebrated over 20 years of VMT at a special event with members of our troupe and community.

a row of children through adult performers on stage singing

VMT alumni regroup for a grand finale during our 20th anniversary celebration.

youth actors performing as dinnerware in a musical number from Beauty and the Beast

Even during Covid-19 epidemic, VMT kept on going with adjusted programming.

youth actors performing as wizard characters from Harry Potter

Summer campers have a blast creating their favorite characters from 'Harry Potter'.

ashley obrien seated at piano with violinist and floutist in the background

Music Director Ashley O'Brien on keyboard with the orchestra.

a line of youth actors on stage rehearsing

Working hard at rehearsals!

adult actors performing as western characters on a ranch setting dancing

A VMT original adaptation:
'King Lear: the Musical'.

youth campers and adult volunteers performing stretching exercises on a grassy field

Theater warm-up games at summer camps.

choreographer demonstrating dance moves for older teen actors on stage

Choreographer Karen Amirault inspires and informs with talent and creativity.

young actors on stage performing as kittens

The Adventures of Mittens, Moppet and Tom Kitten.

older teen actors performing as night club and concentration camp characters in the musical Cabaret

Our Teen Troupe's powerhouse performance of the Broadway hit 'Cabaret'.

younger teen actors performing as dancing dolls in the musical chitty chitty bang bang

A truly scrumptious Music Box Dance from 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'.

silhouette of director don wright against a lit background of a stage

Director Don Wright's familiar silhouette during performances.

The story continues as we prepare new seasons of stage shows, summer camps, and traveling tours.

We look forward to seeing you at a program or performance soon.
Let's make more Very Merry history!