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Romeo and Juliet: 60's Musical

What: Our upcoming Very Merry Theatre Adult Troupe Musical
When: May 27 @ 7pm
           May 28 @ 2pm & 7pm
           May 29 @ 4pm
Where: Main Street Landing Black Box

Adults $10, Children $6

Purchase tickets here!

 Eventbrite - Romeo and Juliet: The 60's Musical

Very Merry Theatre Summer Schedule


Barn Camp “The Velveteen Rabbit” June 13-17 Camp day: 9:30-3. Ages: 6-11. There’s a 6:30 barn performance on 17th. Great roles for both genders. Limit: 30. $275. Don Wright, Ashley O’Brien
Eventbrite - Barn Camp “The Velveteen Rabbit”

Wagon Tour One “Alice in Wonderland” June 20-24, 27-July 1 - FULL Camp day: 9:30-3. Ages: 7-13. Three noon performances from June 28, 29, 30, and 6:30pm show on July 1st. Limit: 30. $480. Don Wright, Ashley O’Brien
Eventbrite - Wagon Tour One - Alice In Wonderland

Wagon Tour Two “The Lion King” July 4-8, 11-15 - ONE SPOT LEFT! Camp day: 9:30-3. Ages: 7-13. Four noon performances from July 12, 13, 14 and 6:30pm show on July 15th. Limit: 30. $480. Don Wright, Ashley O’Brien
Eventbrite - Wagon Tour Two “The Lion King”

Teen Tour “Beauty and the Beast” July 18-22, 25-29, Aug 1-5 - 9 SPOTS LEFT Camp day: 10-5 for first six days then varies depending on time of performance: most shows are either noon or early evening with a full afternoon of activity prior to evening shows. Ages: 13-19. $620. Don Wright, Ashley O’Brien
Eventbrite - Teen Tour “TBA ”

333 Stage  [9-1 each day]

 “The Secret Garden” June 13-17 - 3 SPOTS LEFT 9am-1pm. Ages 6-13. $120. Limit: 20. This timeless classic is brought to life with some fun Very Merry music. Great animal and human roles!
Eventbrite - The Secret Garden

“Fairytales and Folktales” June 20-24 - 9 SPOTS LEFT 9am-1pm. Ages 6-13. $120. Limit: 16. Bring to life a variety of fun children’s tales from a variety of cultures!
Eventbrite - Fairy Tales and Folktales

“The Velveteen Rabbit” June 27-July 1 - ONE SPOT LEFT 9am-1pm. Ages 6-13. $120. Great for all ages. Limit: 20. An original VMT musical adaptation that’s been a favorite for years. Great roles as toys, fairies and kind humans!
Eventbrite - The Velveteen Rabbit

“Where the Wild Things Are” July 4-8, 9am-1pm. Ages 6-13. $120. Limit: 20. Come play your favorite monster in this magical VMT musical adaptation!
Eventbrite - Where the Wild Things Are

“Frozen” July 11-15 9am-1pm. Ages 6-13. $60. Limit: 20. Come join the fun as we create our own version of Disney's Frozen!
Eventbrite - Frozen

“Dancing Up A Storm!” July 18-22 9am-1pm. Ages 6-11.  $120. Limit: 20. Putting on your dancing shoes and work with the amazing Karen Amirault to create some new dances to uptempo music!
Eventbrite - Dancing Up A Storm!

“Aladdin” July 25-29, Aug 1-5 9am-1pm. Ages 6-13. $350 (tuition level due to licensing cost). Performances on Aug 6 & 7. Limit: 22. Based on the Broadway musical, this smash musical has great roles for all ages and genders!
Eventbrite - Aladdin

333 LATE  [2-6 each day, final performances at 5pm]

“Superheroes” June 13-17 2pm-6pm. Ages 6-13. $120. Limit: 22. Come play your favorite superhero or super villain in this original VMT hit musical!
Eventbrite - Superheroes

“Pippi Longstocking” July 11-15 - 2 SPOTS LEFT 2pm-6pm. Ages 6-13. $120. Limit: 20. This wonderful children’s classic has great roles for both genders and fun music!
Eventbrite - Pippi Longstocking

“The Hobbit” July 18-22 2pm-6pm. Ages 6-13. $120. Limit: 22. This original VMT musical adaptation is a favorite and appropriate for all ages!
Eventbrite - The Hobbit


“Where the Wild Things Are” June 20-24 - 7 SPOTS LEFT 10-3. Ages 6-13. $150. Limit: 20.
Eventbrite - Where the Wild Things Are - Vergennes Camp


Saturday Drama Club will resume at the end of summer! Stay tuned for more details.