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Very Merry Theatre Current School & 333 Schedule


Peter Pan @ Sustainability Academy

Mon, 3/27, 2:50-3:30 w/ Linda/Don/Sara/Lauren: (game is up, sc 6) All Cast [except 1st                                     graders]

            3:30-4 w/ Linda: (scene 5) Pirates, Creatures

            3:30-4 w/ Sara: (underground) Peter, Tinker Bell, Wendy, John, Michael,

                        Lost Children

            3:30-4 w/ Lauren: (mother’s kiss) Fairies/Mermaids

Wed, 3/29, 1:50-3 w/ Linda: (all scenes) Pirates

            1:50-3 w/ Sara: (best friend) Darlings

            1:50-3 w/ Lauren: (flying, flew away) Stars


Mon, 3/27, 3-4 w/ Ashley: (belle, mob song, gaston) Villagers, Gaston 1,

                        Gaston 2, Lefou

            4-4:30 w/ Ashley: (maison, no matter) Gaston 1, Lefou, M. D’Arque,

                        Maurice, Belle 1

Wed, 3/29, 2-3 w/ Ashley: (beauty, finale, guest) All Cast

Thurs, 3/30, 12-1 stage w/ Karen/Ashley/Don: (be our guest) All Cast

            1-2:30, gym w/ Karen: (belle) Villagers, Gaston 1, Lefou, Belle 1

            1-2:30, stage w/ Ashley: (human, guest) Household

            1-2:30, boyle’s w/ Don: (sc 7) Beast 2, Belle 2

            2:30-3, stage w/ Karen: (maison) Gaston 1, Lefou, M. D’Arque